group_counselingPartial Hospitalization Program is designed to assist adults with emotional, behavioral, and substance abuse problems. The Program provides clients with a supportive, structured environment without interrupting family life. The Program is tailored to each individual’s needs, level of functioning, and ability to progress. With a full range of services, we are dedicated to providing for the emotional, behavioral, and/or substance abuse needs of adults. This is accomplished through an individualized, structured schedule of group therapy and activities throughout the day. The Partial Hospitalization Program was created to help our clients improve their quality of living.

Program Objectives

Our program is designed to treat patients whose psychiatric conditions are too severe to be managed in outpatient therapy alone, and who might otherwise require inpatient treatment. The primary goals of patient treatment are to increase coping skills and stabilize symptoms by addressing life management skills, and exploring cognitive and behavioral changes. Progress toward these goals helps in the development of independent and healthy lifestyles

Admission Requirements

  • Are motivated to engage in treatment and are able to participate in and benefit from the education and therapy groups provided.
  • Have a psychiatric diagnosis that would place them at risk of inpatient hospitalization if the partial hospitalization services are not provided.
  • Agree to abstain from substance abuse while admitted to the program.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to assume responsibility for their safety outside program hours.
  • Have an adequate support system.

Referrals and Adminissions

Referrals to our programs can be made by any physician, health professional, social service agency, family member or by the individual requesting care. Referrals can be made Monday through Friday by calling the program. Prior to admission, our staff will conduct a screening, at no charge to the client, and develop a personalized plan of care. The participant's care is guided by a psychiatrist. If you are not currently under the care of a psychiatrist, with your involvement, our staff will assist in enlisting a physician's services